Phase Consultants are dedicated to the successful transfer of application know how.  We offer industry proven best practices in training and development.  We leverage the following to make sure your staff utilizes IT applications and platforms efficiently in the workplace..    

Instructional Services

  • Training Program Assessment
  • Learner Assessment
  • Training Program Design
  • Learner Training Design
  • Training Program Development
  • Learner Program Development
  • Training Program Implementation
  • Training Program Evaluation
  • Learner Evaluation

Training Deliverables

We develop the following documentations during our consultation:

  • Training Program Manual
  • Training Curriculum
  • Training Catalog and Schedule
  • Training Manual
  • Learner Materials
  • Multimedia Learning: Micro-lessons and Computer Based Learning

Instructional Delivery

  • Instructor-led
  • Online 
  • Hybrid: Instructor and Online
  • Hybrid: Instructor and Self Guided 
  • Reference material and Self Guided
  • Computer Based Learning

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