Clarity PPM Services


Requirements, Design, Development and Configuration

Leverage Phase Consulting Partners industry leading Clarity PPM expertise to design and configure the platform to address your needs and meet business objectives.   Phase  consultants offer customized ways to implement across  all designs and stages.

Managed Services

Manage day-to-day operations of your PPM installation as we provide Application Managed Services (AMS) that maximize your investment. Our Phase Consulting Partners team have the knowledge and experience to undertake daily administrative tasks effectively. We provide end user support services related to your everyday usage. Our support services will improve end user support responsiveness, increase system administration efficiency, and reduce your internal costs associated with your PPM.

Assessment and Roadmap Services

Phase experts can help you understand the metrics  Governance business practices and expand your Clarity PPM capabilities to stay abreast of your business growth.  We will utilize our Clarity PPM experience to assess your “Current State” usage and develop a “Future State” plan as we roadmap your stages, establish milestones, and identify measurable business indicators that nurture business maturity.

Implementation Services

Whether you are implementing PPM for the first time or you plan to expand your existing implementation of PPM, our Consultants make sure your project meets objectives.  We PPM architects to customize the platform to fit your business environment, but more importantly we have the PPM business and functional know-how to ensure your success.

Training & Education

We specialize in developing and delivering Clarity PPM training programs (including organizational change management) for end users and administrators.  Our team are here to guide you through the development of a tailored solution-based training design. We offer virtual, onsite, and hybrid instruction to help you utilize the application efficiently and effectively anytime or anywhere.

A Clarity PPM First Step


Free Assessment

We offer a free CA PPM health assessment for current clients. Each initial assessment includes a thorough PPM Evaluation Report to help you see the business value added with PPM capabilities. Our onsite evaluation includes the following:

  • Key Stakeholder Meetings
  • Live System Demo
  • Current State vs Future State
  • Final Assessement Documentation

Assessment Services

The evaluation options consist of a key stakeholder demonstrating the online platform's capability to baseline and next steps with the following focus options:

  • Configuration
  • Process/Workflows
  • Idea Management
  • Project Management
  • Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Security Management


Six Clarity PPM Functions

Phase Consulting Partners offer all of the six business analytical solutions by leveraging the business portfolio to fit your organizations specific needs and strategic goals.


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